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We create websites, brands, and content for high-value services businesses & entrepreneurial experts.

Look like the business worthy of the big bucks, and you’ll get the big bucks.

You are a Brand New Notebook 

About you…

You’re not literally a notebook. But you are just as full of potential. You’re an entrepreneurial expert. Your knowledge and high-value skills are your business. You’re a specialist at something.

You’ve enjoyed success as a solo or small business owner, but you’re evolving. You’ve grown more confident and ambitious. You’re worth the big bucks. But your website, brand, and content doesn’t feel it right now.

Time for a change. Time for a plan. You go to a coffee shop and put your pen to the first page of a brand new notebook.

You want more than a business. You want to be acclaimed. You want to grow your authority and credibility. You want to be respected and admired for your outstanding work and impact.

You want to be extraordinary.

We make you look extraordinary. 

We create the brand, website and content that attracts the high-value clients, and positions you as a business worth paying a lot of money to work with. 


Things we made recently

Izzy Arcoleo

Bespoke web design, brand styles including typography and colour palette. We made this site for Izzy because she wanted to stand out in a crowded space – there are a lot of copywriters, but not a lot of copywriters have a website like Izzy.

web design

bespoke design

Web development

UX Design


brand & Typography

Make Sense

These guys make great ads. It says so on their tagline. And they really do. We produced a bespoke site for their brand new direction and brand. Producing this site was a joy thanks to the incredible branding by Anna Rigby and copy by Penny Brazier.

web design

bespoke design

Web development

UX Design



The Career Farm

The Career Farm run a range of career related services, including online courses for business schools, executive coaching and search services. Their long running podcast, and Founder Jane’s book, help to promote their business. 

We produced a new brand colour palette and refreshed typography, as part of a website redesign and development project. 

web design

bespoke design

Web development

UX Design


brand & Typography


Oh what kindness and joy our clients bring us

“My website always gets compliments from my patients and I’m getting so many enquiries. I cannot recommend Tom & Ellie more highly.”

Aarthi Sinha – Private GP

People keep telling me they’ve read every word on my website because the design leads them through each stage in such an enjoyable way – and as a writer, a website that makes people want to read my words is definitely a winner.

Izzy Arcoleo – Copywriter

I’m absolutely delighted with my new website. They surpassed all of my expectations, and their thoroughly lovely people too.

Jonathan Pagden – The Voiceologist

“Tom really grasped what I wanted the website to convey to my clients. I am delighted with the end result and the whole process was easy and efficient too.”

Bronwen Gombert – Connected Architecture

Not only was the output amazing but this strategy and thoughts on the website really helped set it apart

Laura Holyer – One-Two Digital

“They have nailed everything they have worked on with me. I can wholeheartedly recommend Tom and Ellie, they are the people you want on your side.”

Louise Glazebrook – The Darling Dog Co.

Our customers compliment the website a lot and we’re getting lots of enquiries through Google. I don’t know what Tom did, but it’s working!”

Grant Rozga – Jura Guided

Smile, wave, nod… yes yes…we are humans

The brand new notebook gang is led by two people, husband and wife Tom & Ellie. We’re supported by a group of delightful developers, designers and marketers too. 

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