Do you want an awesome website that generates good quality traffic?

Tom Garfield

Co-founder & MD, brand new notebook

There are basically three stages to website success.

  1. Make your website awesome
  2. Generate good quality traffic
  3. Test and improve performance

They go in a circle of ever-growing improvement. Let’s break down each stage.

Stage one – make your website awesome

Spend the time making your website look and feel awesome. Make your website the best possible website it can be. Technically, creatively and word…ly! 

Here are some of the things you can do to make your website awesome…

  • Keep the look clean and consistent and on brand, think fonts, colours and imagery. 
  • Use great visuals, ditch the dodgy stock photos and instead use some captivating brand imagery or try some video.
  • Clearly explain what you do, how you do it and who you do it for.
  • Use bullet points to keep your content consistent and scannable.
  • Ensure your call to actions are clear and easy to find.
  • Keep navigation simple and consistent across your site, don’t confuse people by mixing it up on different pages.
  • Use social proof – testimonials, case studies, reviews! The more the better.
  • Make your contact information clear and visible.
  • Ensure your site is mobile friendly and responsive across all devices.
  • Check your loading speed and make sure your site loads quickly.
  • Get an SSL certificate and ensure your site is safe and reliable.
  • Use SEO techniques to improve your website’s visibility in search engines.

You can’t drive traffic to a dud website and expect it to convert.

Stage two – generate good quality traffic

Ok, great – you have an awesome website. Good job! Now you need people to visit it. Driving GOOD QUALITY traffic is the next phase. Here are some ways to generate traffic to your website:

  • SEO – this includes keyword research, optimising meta tags and headers, and creating relevant and valuable content. By improving your websites technical aspects you will increase your visibility in search engines and generate more organic traffic.
  • Advertising – this could be online or offline advertising. Online advertising includes things like PPC and Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your website. Offline advertising could include things like flyers, business cards and advertising in industry publications.
  • Social media – arguably the best free marketing tool there is. Create and share good quality, relevant content and engage with potential customers. Social media marketing can help to reach a wide and diverse audience.
  • PR – get your business in the paper! (or in online publications). Create press releases, secure media coverage and position your business as a key player in your industry by demonstrating your expertise  and credibility.

Whatever you choose, find a strategy that works for you and do it regularly.

Stage three – test and improve!

Excellent, you’ve made an awesome website and generated some traffic – brilliant! BUT how do you know if your website is converting visitors into new business? You need to regularly test, optimise and improve your website to make sure it’s staying awesome.

Familiarise yourself with your website analytics tool and pay attention to it regularly. Identify areas for improvement, what content is working well and adjust your strategy accordingly.

This phase is vital to good website growth, so don’t skip it!

So there you have it, a three-stage cycle that has hopefully helped you gain some clarity on where to start with website success.

Each stage requires work, but don’t be put off. Break it down a bit, and figure out what’s right for your business in each of the stages.

Which phase needs the most attention for your business right now?

Making your website awesome is an ongoing process, keep yours fresh and up to date. Don’t be afraid to continually tweak and test to ensure your website is working hard for your business.