Personal Brand | Positioning

Quiet but extraordinary

Tom Garfield

Co-founder & MD, brand new notebook

I get a bit angry when people proclaim confidently about their expertise, but don’t have much to back it up.

Their show-offy brands win them business. Because we mostly believe people when they look good and make bold claims.

I feel angry because I see quiet and intelligent people that are amazing at their work, but the whole personal branding and promotion thing is a barrier that’s holding them back.

But you’re just as ambitious as the loud ones are. You want to be acclaimed for your outstanding work and impact. You want to grow your authority and credibility.

You are extraordinary, but you look ordinary.

That’s the brand new notebook mission I’m working through at the moment.

We grow your reputation and the sophistication of your brand, your website, and your content.

We make people who are extraordinary, look extraordinary.