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The 7 best web design inspiration sites to help you get inspired for your new project

Tom Garfield

Co-founder & MD, brand new notebook

Here are the 7 best sites we use to gather inspiration for brand new website projects.

You can use these sites to find ideas and get some inspiration for the kind of look and feel you like.

When we start a new web design project, one of the first things we do after our discovery call is head over to some of these sites and start absorbing ideas, screen-grabbing bits and pieces while everything we’ve talked about is still fresh in our minds.


Pinterest is a great all-rounder, and something you may already be familiar with!  It’s not just about recipes and interior design; Pinterest is a hotspot for web design. You need to have a free account to use it, then have a search for ‘web design inspiration’ and you’ll be shown an array of ‘pins’. The best feature is its ‘more like this’ function. Once you’ve clicked on a pin you like you’ll find loads more like it underneath – great if you’ve got a specific style in mind.

Pinterest has lots of inspiration for any kind of site, the downside is that sometimes when you click through to the website associated with the pin you find yourself somewhere else. It’s best used as a moodboard. You can save different styles into different boards and share them with your designer.

See Pinterest in action


Siteinspire has some really cool designs, and its best functionality is the ability to filter by style, type, subject, and platform plus it has a keyword search, so it makes finding something really specific quick and easy.

If you sign up for a free account you can also save your favourite designs to collections, like Pinterest. It has a great collection of Shopify sites, which you can get to by using the platform filter, so great if you’re looking for some e-commerce inspiration.

Some sites here are a bit iffy on user experience – there’s definitely a lot of style-first design, but some good stuff!

Check out Siteinspire

Best Website Gallery

What started off as one man’s side project to create a collection of the best websites around has become a source of inspiration. Like Siteinspire it has great filters that allow you to search by colour, perfect if you have a good idea of your brand colours.

It has some of our favourite designs, and each website has screenshots of the site’s pages, so you can see the whole design without clicking through to the website. This is great if you are looking for some inspiration for internal pages as well as the homepage design. 

There isn’t a function to create your own collection, so you’re going to have to make a note of the website addresses or take some screenshots! 

Have a look at Best Website Gallery

Commerce Cream

Specifically for Shopify websites, Commerce Cream is a great collection of some very nice e-commerce websites. All the designs are modern and on-trend, with lots of bold, playful fonts and bright colour palettes.

Whilst it’s specifically aimed at e-commerce websites you can still get some great inspiration for other types of websites. Websites submitted to Commerce Cream are vetted before they’re allowed in, so you really are going to see the best of the best. 

Take a Look at Commerce Cream


Godly declares itself the source of ‘astronomically good web design inspiration from all over the internet’. It’s a curated feed of the best websites out there with new ones added daily. Each website has a quick video demo, so you don’t need to leave Godly to see the site.

It has a number of filtering options from type to styles, fonts and platforms, which is great if you have something specific, like a brand font, that you want to see in situ.

There’s a heavy focus on animation and some very forward-thinking and modern stuff.

Check out Godly


Behance is actually Adobe’s platform for sharing and discovering work, which means anyone with an Adobe subscription can contribute. This means that there is a huge library of designs to inspire you! 

You have the option to filter by colour, and you can also look at community moodboards, which is great if you find a particular style you like and want to explore more of.

Because of its expansive community, it’s good for design of all kinds, however, it is vast so unless you know what you’re looking for it can be a bit time-consuming.

Visit the Behance site


Landingfolio has a great collection of conversion-focused landing pages. You can filter by page type too, so it’s great if you’re looking for inspiration for a specific page, like a  pricing page, a 404 page or an about page. You can also filter by industry and colour for some more specific inspiration.

A really good tool for portfolio or service websites. Each of the designs is optimised for conversion, so it’s a good place to look for inspiration on how your website can encourage users to take action, sign-up, enquire, buy, or any other thing you want them to do.

Its only downside is that the designs can be a little generic.

Have a look at LandingFolio

DISCLAIMER: Not all of the sites you’ll find will be right for you and your business. You’ll sometimes find stuff that’s designed to look pretty and impressive over usable and practical.

When you do end up working with your web designer, trust them if you get a little push back on some of the inspiration you’ve found.

If you’re interested in starting a brand new website project with us, a big part of our service is guiding you through the inspiration process, understanding your likes and dislikes, and creating a design style that’s perfect for you and your business.