How could your website reach its potential?

You want your website to help you grow? To help you get better client enquiries? To raise your credibility and reputation as a business to admire?

Ok, here’s what we do. You and me, we’re going to figure out this website stuff together ok? I promise ya. You stick with me and we’ll make it happen.

90 minute video call, strategy & action plan, follow-up support


(100% money-back guarantee. Book and pay online).

Heroes in a nutshell

A website strategy session is your chance to get a proper plan in place for your website guided by an expert with 15 years in the bank.

Create a meaningful website strategy

We’ll talk about your business as a whole, not just your website in isolation. We’ll talk through your ambitions and goals, the dreams you have for your business.

We’ll then talk about your website and marketing, and how you can start getting your site working to help you achieve those dreams.

Understand your stats

Got analytics but don’t know what any of it means? I’ll talk you through the things you need to know, and how the data can help us make some smart decisions.

Grow your credibility

I specialise in helping experts and high-end service providers improve their reputation and brand perception to get better quality leads and clients. I’ll help you figure out how to look and sound premium, compelling and desirable. 

Work out a lead generation workflow

We’ll work through the journey of your prospects from awareness, right through to paying client. I’ll help you plan the traffic generation activities, marketing tools, landing pages, lead magnets, and workflows & automations you need to start generating a steady stream of new enquiries. 

Make your words sell

We’ll talk through your content and what you can do to make your words work harder. We’ll cover SEO, blogging for authority, sales pages, compelling headlines, and our favourite – microcopy. 

Get a to do list you can actually do

I’ll make sure the plan is something you can follow yourself. It doesn’t matter if your building your own site, or you’re paying for it to be made professionally. I’ll tailor our strategy to account for your resources and skills, so you’ve got something achieveable and useable. 

What happens?

Reserve your slot

Book and pay on calendly and choose a date and time that works for you. 

Complete the questionnaire

Once you’ve booked your slot, I’ll send you a short questionnaire to complete ahead of the call so I can do some prep for you.

Activate strategisation mode

We’ll meet over Google Meet at your chosen time and get to work! I’ll review your site with you, we’ll talk about your business and come up with a load of ideas. 

Written action list and recording

After the call, I’ll send you the recording of our session PLUS a written action list of everything we decided to get done. 

Follow up emails

I always throw in a few emails back and forth to mop up any forgotten questions or ideas that might come up after the call. Don’t feel like you can’t get back in touch after the call is done! 

Who is your website strategy strategist stratego?

They say it takes 10,000 hours to achieve mastery. I did the maths and even if I’m being conservative, I’ve hit about 12,000 hours of digital marketing experience.

Hello, I am Tom Garfield. I’ve spent far too much time tinkering with websites, reading about them, improving them and obsessing over them. But that has turned me into a website conversion optimisation expert.*

My entire career has focused on helping businesses get more leads, enquiries, bookings and signups from their websites. I’d love to help you make the most of your website too.

There’s a future out there, where your website is your best marketing assett. I can help you get there.

*conversion optimisation is the process of increasing the number of website visitors to complete your desired outcome

“I knew Tom was the guy to go to, so I booked a website consultation. It was one of the most valuable things I’ve done for my business, as Tom’s insight was so helpful.

Meghan Downs


The session I had with Tom made such a difference to my signup/sales page for the Being Freelance Community. He really knows how to go about creating a page that converts. 

Steve Folland

Being Freelance

“I’m a strong believer in working with those who know more than you do in their field. My session with Tom was super helpful and gave me a long to-do list to be thinking about.”

Louise Glazebrook

Dog Behaviourist & Trainer

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