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Save yourself some money, you don’t need a brand new website

Tom Garfield

Co-founder & MD, brand new notebook

You know, you don’t always need a brand new website. Sometimes you can create that brand new feeling by giving something not new, a fresh new look.

Before you chuck your old website away and start again…

Maybe you just need a real nice clean up?

Very often, it is better to start again from scratch, but unless you are 100% sure you shouldn’t be making that decision too quickly.

What are the benefits of redesigning an existing site:

  1. More often than not, it is more cost-effective than starting from scratch. The content and structure of your website may be spot on, and you just need to bring the design up to date.
  1. You are able to retain the existing SEO value that you’ve already built up, whilst making the site more appealing, engaging, and ultimately increasing the conversion rate of your website.
  1. You can improve the overall user experience of your website. If your user experience is pleasant, useful, efficient, and satisfying then people are more likely to do the things you want them to do.

Key things that improve user experience include:

  • Does it load quickly?
  • Is it useful?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Can users find what they need?
  • Is it trustworthy?
  • Does it look nice?
  • Are your calls to action identifiable?

If your content is spot on, and you are looking to improve the overall quality and experience of your site, it could be that a redesign is a good option. 

However, if you’re looking to completely overhaul your website, e.g. new content management system, new organisation of the pages, or new content, then it might be worth opting for a brand new website.

How do I know if it’s right for me?

Going through these questions will help you gain some clarity:

  1. What are the goals for your ‘new’ website? Perhaps it is improving the user experience, updating the brand or increasing your conversion rate?
  1. What currently works well on your existing website, what is really not working? Ask friends, colleagues and peers to review the site and give you their honest feedback.
  1. Make a list of all the things you would like to change and the reason why. This should tie into the goals for your new website.
  1. Go through your goals, desires and ambitions for your new site with a professional and they will be able to support you in making the decision. Find out how much potential your existing website has by booking a power hour

Here’s one we made earlier…

Before you chuck your old website in the bin, see what we did for Nikki Pilkington recently…



We kept the site and content, but we gave it a brand new look:

  • New logo
  • New colours
  • New typography
  • Custom theme
  • CSS improvements
  • New page layouts
  • New blog layouts
  • Fresh icons
  • Better consistency
  • Great mobile design
  • Conversion focused
  • Easier editing

And we wrote and designed a new 404 page…

What Nikki said…

“I don’t know how (with what I gave them), but Tom and Ellie came up with 2 ideas for me that I loved. And they already knew I would go for the more quirky of the two, because they’d spent the time getting to know me.”

“Tom & Ellie were helpful, friendly, and all-round brilliant people to have on my side.”


Whether you’d like a refresh, like Nikki, or something brand new, why not get in touch and we can help you decide which option works best for you.